Online Education Programs

Course Review and Overview

Clemson Online supports campus-wide cross-initiatives that focus on meaningful uses of technology in order to expand student access to high-quality online learning. Our E-Learning Strategists are educators, designers, and technologists who have assisted faculty success in creating dynamic, high-quality online courses. Since March 2015 we have certified 75 courses through ENCORE(S). 51 courses received Excellence Certification and 24 courses received Quality Certification.

Given our background in academic learning for both classroom and online milieus, we are well positioned to help faculty both articulate their vision for an online course and also to help in whatever method faculty see necessary to ensure that the course meets rigorous standards and learning goals. If a course’s faculty wants to own the bulk of the planning and development, Clemson Online can provide valuable insight to innovative software and programs that can turn the online classroom into a dynamic learning environment where students are given an opportunity to achieve stated learning outcomes.

University policy and procedure for review of all online coursework is managed by Clemson Online and is currently being guided by the Faculty Advisory Board. As formal measures are developed, faculty members and department/program chairs will be notified of requirements and opportunities.

Faculty members at any phase of the course design or course implementation process are encouraged to contact Clemson Online to review course pedagogy and technology.