Online Education Programs

Digital Tools and Technology

Clemson Online is committed to supporting innovation and flexibility in faculty approaches to quality online education experiences. All Clemson faculty must utilize Blackboard as a repository for confidential student grades. Many also choose to use Blackboard to host online discussion threads, to post course materials, and to communicate with students.

Faculty must ensure that any content posted online abides by FERPA standards. No grades should ever be publicly accessible and all grades must be posted in Blackboard for Registrar retrieval in case of sudden faculty departure. While maintaining student privacy (FERPA) and adhering to copyright law, faculty may also consider using a variety of other existing or novel technologies as they implement their courses.

As new courses are designed and supported through the support and review process, Clemson Online will work with faculty to determine the best possible methods, technologies and tools for individual courses. Several popular tools worth considering are listed below.

File Hosting

Collaborative Work

Video Production and Hosting

Audio Production and Hosting

Lecture Capture

For assistance with on-campus lecture capture for online courses, contact Clemson Online.

Web Conferencing/Streaming

Classroom Equipment and Technology