Online Education Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What degree programs are offered by Clemson Online? 

There are many online degree programs available completely online. Please visit our Programs page for a full listing.

2. When are online courses/programs offered? 

Online courses/programs are offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters and follow the same academic calendar schedule as on-campus courses. Semester academic calendars can be found on the Registrar’s Office web page

3. Where can I see a list of available online course? 

To view all available online courses offered in a particular semester, please visit the Class Schedule. On the Instructional Methods drop down box, select Online.

4. Can an online student participate in graduation on campus? 

Yes. Online students may participate in graduation ceremonies upon the completion of their degree requirements.

5. What kind of computer do I need? 

Most laptop and desktop computers (PC and Mac) manufactured in the past 5 years will provide you with the necessary features to complete your online coursework. For additional resources necessary for a particular course, such as a webcam or specific software, please consult the professor offering that course.

Software and hardware capabilities of tablets are more variable. Students wishing to use a tablet to complete their coursework should consult the professor to identify which programs will be used. Students should then consult the manufacturer of their tablet to determine its capabilities.

6. What software (computer programs) do I need? 

Most online courses will require a word processor and an internet browser to complete the required activities. Clemson users can download free licensed copies here.

7. I am an on-campus student, can I take online courses? 

Of course! Many of the students taking online courses at Clemson are your fellow on-campus students. Consult your academic advisor for guidance on the appropriate course to meet your needs and fulfill your degree requirements.

8. Are online courses shorter than on-campus courses?

Most Clemson online courses follow the same term schedule as the on-campus courses. Consult the list of course offerings and the professor offering the individual section for details on any exceptions.

9. Can I use scholarship money for an online course?

Financial aid typically can be used for on-campus and online courses. Individual scholarships, grants, and loans each have their own requirements and regulations which you should consult directly. Contact Clemson’s Student Financial Aid office for assistance with particular situations.

10. Does an online course look different than an on-campus course on my academic transcript? 

No. Each course is listed by its course number, course title, and course instructor. There is no special designation given for courses taken online.

11. I am having trouble with an online course. Can I talk to someone at Clemson Online? 

We are always here to assist you. Our first suggestion is for you to consult the course professor and your academic advisor to resolve issues as they arise. If you still need assistance, please contact Clemson Online so that we may help ensure a quality education experience for you at Clemson.