Online Education Programs

How Do Clemson Online Classes Work?

Clemson University is devoted to ensuring an innovative and substantive education experience for all Clemson students. At Clemson you will not find cookie-cutter courses designed to meet the needs of the masses; you will find innovative educational experiences designed to meet your needs. With the aid of Clemson Online's quality assurance endeavors, the faculty offering online courses are empowered to offer flexible and unique courses in their area of specialization.

Signing up for an online course at Clemson is the same as signing up for your traditional on-campus courses. Students must have the technology available (typically a PC or Mac and a reliable internet connection) to complete online courses. Contact the Registrar for further help in registration once you have applied and are accepted to Clemson. Current students should consult their academic advisor for assistance with choosing the best course offerings to complete their degree.

For questions about individual courses, contact the professor or department offering the course for further details. Typical teaching methods include synchronous delivery of course content (with students logging on at the same time to interact with the professor) or asynchronous delivery (with students accessing posted material at a convenient time and interacting with the professor through discussion boards, email, and other flexible communication tools).

Exams and assignments are also unique to each class, designed by Clemson’s outstanding faculty and supported by the course quality endeavors of Clemson Online. Course content often includes participating in class discussions on Blackboard, collaborating with classmates in group projects through email and video, participating in research with faculty and peers, and taking part in proctored exams.