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Adobe Connect

Clemson University implemented Adobe® Connect™ at the beginning of Spring 2011 semester.  Adobe® Connect™ is Clemson University's supported web conferencing application that provides the delivery of real-time course lectures and meetings. Users only need a Flash-enabledimage alt text web browser and an Internet connection to participate in these synchronous online sessions. Adobe® Connect™ allows unparalleled flexibility to deliver rich content, including streaming audio, video, and software demonstrations. Additionally, this package offers various collaboration tools that can be customized to facilitate various lecture, training, and meeting situations. The uploaded meeting room content is automatically maintained for future sessions, which dramatically reduces preparation time. There is also a recording feature that allows later review and archiving of Adobe® Connect™ Meetings.

How do I get an Adobe® Connect™ account?

All faculty and staff already have accounts in the Adobe® Connect™ system.  To create a meeting and begin using Adobe® Connect™ open your web browser and navigate to the following URL in your web browser:  Log in using your network login and password.  

Is there a cost associated with Adobe® Connect™?

Adobe® Connect™ is available for free to all faculty and staff at Clemson University. At present, we are not able to offer this tool to students.  We have a limited license.  If you plan to use Adobe® Connect™ for large meetings, please email and work with Clemson Online for scheduling.

How do I use Adobe® Connect™?

Meeting Host

  • New features (.DOCX) (.PDF)
  • Create a Meeting(.DOCX)(.PDF)
  • Delete a Meeting (.DOCX)(.PDF
  • Meeting Roles and User Interface Overview (.SWF)
  • Adobe® Connect™ Hosts Quick Start Guide (.SWF)
  • Uploading Content to your Content Collection (.DOCX) (.PDF)
  • Setting Meeting Preferences (.SWF)
  • Best Practices for Virtual Classrooms (.PDF)
  • Linking Adobe® Connect™ Recordings to a Canvas Course (.DOCX)(.PDF)
  • Best practices for hosts and presenters using Adobe Connect (.HTML)
  • Best Practices for Adobe Connect (.HTML)

Meeting Participant

  • Using Voice over IP (VoIP) Audio (.SWF)
  • Participant Quick Start Guide (.PDF)
  • Adobe Connect: Jumpstart for Participants (.SWF)
  • Attending a Meeting as a Participant (.SWF)

Managing & Organizing your Meeting Space

  • Using the Attendee Pod (.SWF)
  • Adobe Connect Jumpstart for Hosts (.SWF)
  • Jumpstart for Presenters (.SWF)
  • Using Host and Presenter Controls (.SWF)
  • Sharing Screens and Applications (.HTML)
  • Sharing PowerPoint Presentations (.SWF)
  • Sharing Digital Video (.SWF)
  • Sharing Flash Content (.SWF)
  • Using Voice Over IP Audio (.SWF)
  • Using Universal Voice and Telephone Conferencing (.SWF)
  • Creating a Poll (.SWF)
  • Using the Notes Pod (.HTML)
  • Using the Q&A and Chat Pods (.HTML)
  • Using the Chat in Adobe Connect (.HTML)
  • Accessibility in Adobe Connect (.SWF)
  • Recording a Meeting (.SWF)
  • Sharing a Whiteboard (.HTML)
  • Whiteboard Tools (.HTML)
  • Screen sharing (.HTML)

Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 +

  • Adobe Connect Mobile (.HTML)
  • Getting Started Guide for Participants on Tablets (.PDF)
  • Getting Started Guide for Participants on Smart Phones (.PDF)
  • Getting Started Guide for Hosts and Presenters on Tablets(.PDF)
  • Getting Started Guide for Hosts and Presenters on Smart Phones (.PDF)
  • Adobe Connect Mobile vs. Desktop (.HTML)

available on the App Storeavailable on Google Play


Frequently Asked Questions

Review the Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting FAQs and the Acrobat Connect Pro User Community for assistance with frequently asked questions.

Do we offer Instructor-Led training for Adobe® Connect™?

Yes. Clemson Online currently offers instructor led training for employees. Please view our training calendar or email to schedule 1-on-1 training. Click the links below to download the class handouts.

  • File Types Supported in Connect Meetings (.HTM)
  • Example Statement for courses that use Adobe Connect (.DOCX) (.PDF)
  • Linking Adobe® Connect™ Recordings to a Canvas Course (.DOCX)(.PDF)
  • Uploading Content to your Content Collection (.DOCX) (.PDF)
  • Adobe Connect New Features (.DOCX) (.PDF)
  • Adobe Connect Shared Content (.DOCX) (.PDF)

System Requirements

Test your computer to make sure that your computer meets the hardware and software requirements for participating in an Adobe® Connect™ meeting.  Review the Technical Specifications for Adobe Connect to see a list of supported operating systems and web browsers.

Known Issues/Bugs

  1. Adobe Connect Add-in Could Not Be Launched or Downloaded Due to the Sandbox Restrictions in Safari
  2. Issues Installing the Adobe Connect Add-in with Chrome
  3. Windows 8 and Adobe Connect
  4. Adobe Connect Add-in Issue with Mac OS X and Safari

Additional Resources

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