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Cisco Meeting Server


Cisco® Meeting Server  is one of Clemson University's supported video conferencing applications that provides the delivery of real-time video meeting spaces. A user only needs a web browser and an Internet connection to participate in these synchronous online sessions. It allows anyone to create and join meetings easily, from a room or desktop video system, mobile client, or browser. Everyone gets a consistent, familiar meeting experience, whether they’re joining a meeting using a Cisco or third-party video endpoint, a Cisco Jabber® client, a WebRTCcompatible browser, or Skype for Business.

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CMS supports Windows 7 and above. For Macs, please have OSX 10.11.6 or 10.12.5. If using the web portal, CCIT recommends using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Please note: Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported. For more information on system requirements, please visit the Acano Knowledgebase webpage on operating systems.

  • Creating and Using a Cisco® Meeting Space (.PDF)
  • Cisco® Meeting App User Guide (.PDF)
  • Cisco® Meeting App Overview of Buttons and Indicators (.PDF)
  • How to Guides (.HTML)

Cisco® Meeting App

Download the Cisco® Meeting App for your computer (.HTML) from CCIT.

Please visit the App Store for the Cisco® Meeting App for iOS devices.

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Cisco® Meeting questions should be directed to CCIT:

  • How do I get an Cisco® Meeting Server account?

    All faculty and staff already have access to the Cisco® Meeting Server.  To create a meeting space and begin using Cisco® Meeting Server, download the app (link below) or open your web browser and navigate to the following URL in your web browser:  Log in using your network login and password.  

  • Review the Acano Knowledge Base for assistance with frequently asked questions.

Cisco® Meeting Server is available for free to all faculty and staff at Clemson University. At present, students can participate in spaces but cannot create spaces. Cisco® Meeting Server is recommended for small to medium-sized video conferences. However, if you plan to use Cisco® Meeting Server for large meetings, please email and work with Clemson Online for scheduling.

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