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iClicker Classic

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Software Downloads:

iClicker Classic Base Utility (WIN)(MAC)

iClicker Classic 7.17 with Canvas Integration (WIN)(MAC)

***MacOS 10.12 users will need to follow the instructions in this iClicker Knowledge Base article.

iClicker Classic REEF mobile app

available on the App StoreGoogle Play Store icon

We will be using the iClicker Classic software version 7.17 integrated with Canvas and base firmware version 6.02 starting August 2015.  All dedicated classroom bases were updated to the most current firmware version in Spring 2017.

Clickers is the common name for an audience response system, such as those used on the TV shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Funniest Home Videos. A clicker system typically includes software, a receiver, and multiple remotes, and can be used in a variety of ways to improve classroom instruction. 

There are four components to the iClicker Classic system: a receiver or base unit, the software, iClicker Classic integrate and remotes. The base unit is easy-to-use, portable, and durable. It is powered by a USB port on your computer; it is completely plug-and-play. One receiver is capable of recording votes from as many as 1,500 remotes. They operate on a two-way radio frequency system operating at 915 MHz to ensure no collision/interference with Wi-Fi technologies. They have a range of 200-300 feet and have 16 sub-frequencies to prevent interference with nearby classrooms.

Please note:  As of August 2015 all base units are required to be updated with the newest firmware version 6.02.  Download the iClicker Classic Base Utility Software for Windows or Mac.  As of January 2017 all black base units were replaced with white base units.  If you still have a black iClicker Classic Base unit please email and we will schedule a time to replace it.

The required software for the base unit comes on a flash drive that you can plug into the receiver or it can be copied to and run from your U:/ Drive or your local computer. Starting Fall 2017 we will only be supported version 7.17.  iClicker version 6 is at end of product life.  iClicker Classic 7 with REEF mobile polling we are currently supported version 7.17 integrated with Canvas.  iClicker is now one product with the gradebook incorporated into the iClicker software.  From the main iClicker menu you can create new courses, manage your settings and start polling your students. You can also open the Gradebook where you can assign credit for polls, synchronize web registrations, manage unregistered clickers, and run reports on the polls that were used in class.

Spring of 2017 we introduced iClicker Classic integration with Canvas.  This allows for easier registration of student remotes and direct integration with your Canvas grade center.  Set up the connection between Canvas and iClicker Classic at the beginning of the semester.  Then as you poll your students and grade their responses, you will be able to push this data directly from the Gradebook application into Canvas.

The remotes use the same two way radio frequency system that the receivers use. Each remote has a unique identification code (ID) printed on the back. When a student "registers" his/her remote, that unique ID is linked to that student. That allows you to know how each individual student voted. We currently have 3 remote styles on campus.

  • iClicker Classic 1 remotes have the standard A through E response types.
  • iClicker Classic 2 remotes have the standard A through E response types, but also allow for alphanumeric and numeric response types.
  • iClicker Classic REEF is their mobile product. This is available for IOS, Android and thru a web browser.

Is There Any Cost Associated With Clickers?

Yes. Students attending a class where iClicker Classics are integrated will have to purchase an iClicker Classic remote. Students should refer to their syllabus to determine if an iClicker Classic 2 remote is required. These remotes can be purchased for approximately $55.75 plus tax at the Clemson University Computer Store, or for $56.00 plus tax at the Clemson University Bookstore. New iClicker Classic 2 remotes can also be ordered from the iClicker store front on

REEF mobile polling app has a free 14 day trial. 1 Semester is $14.99. 1 year is $23.99. 2 years is $32.99 and 4 years is $47.99.

Instructors interested in adopting iClicker CLassic in their classroom should email to learn how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support for faculty and students can be found on the iClicker Support page. 

Do We Offer Instructor-Led Training for iClicker Classic?

Yes. Clemson Online currently offers instructor led training for employees. Please view our training calendar or email to schedule 1-on-1 training.

If you plan on using iClicker Classic in your class, include information in your course syllabus and let students know that they can purchase their iClicker Classic remotes at the Clemson University Computing Store located in the Edgar Brown Student Union.



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