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Lightboard FAQs

  • What is a Lightboard
    The lightboard is a great instructional tool that can present class material while allowing the instructor to face the viewer. Instructors can draw diagrams, equations, or formulas the same way they would on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Not to mention, they can also add their lecture presentation slides.
  • What are my options for using a lightboard?
    Clemson Online can help with your lightboard production from start to finish. There are two lightboard studios available--one at Clemson Broadcast Productions at the Madren Center, and one coming soon to The Watt Center. If you are just looking to take one for a test run, The Watt Center studio is a great place to start. For a demonstration or to schedule a session, please contact Clemson Online. For more information, check out Production Options.
  • Is there any cost associated with a lightboard studio session?
    The use of the practice lightboard studio is free for all Clemson Faculty. However, there are potential costs associated with production studio use and editing. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Clemson Online.
  • Why should I use a lightboard?
    A lightboard video can help enhance your online lectures and tutorials. If you have a completely online course, or even use a blended or flipped model, Clemson Online recommends high-quality video productions. A lightboard production can also help increase student engagement.
  • How long will a lightboard session last?
    Typically, you should plan for a whole day at the production studio depending on how many lectures you would like to record. Using the practice room in advance will cut down on production time.
  • Where are the Lightboard Studios located?
    The lightboard production studio is located at Clemson Broadcast Productions within the Madren Center. The Watt Center also has a lightboard studio located on the second floor.
  • What should I wear during a lightboard studio session?
    Please refrain from wearing black or very dark clothing for your lightboard studio session. In addition, extremely light colors such as white are not advised. Please wear a shirt with no writing and with limited or no designs. It is also advisable to wear pants or a skirt or dress with pockets as you will be using a wireless microphone.
  • Where can I store lightboard videos, and how can my students access them?
    Clemson Onlne can help you upload your videos to Ensemble. If you use the Watt Center Lightboard Studio, you can save your video(s) to a flash drive or SD card and upload them into your playlist in Ensemble. Through Ensemble, you can embed the videos directly into Canvas or share them through a link.

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