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Lightboard Production Options

Clemson student

Clemson Online is working to help faculty transform their online lectures through the use of a lightboard. Clemson Online can help faculty produce high-quality videos of their lectures and demonstrations.

Clemson Online Lightboard Studio

Clemson Online provides productions using the Lightboard. Clemson Online can assist with your lightboard production from start to finish. Right now, Clemson Online uses studio space at Clemson Broadcast Productions to produce lightboard videos but hopes to have a studio at Clemson Online Headquarters soon.

Coming Soon! Faculty Lightboard Studio at The Watt Center

Coming soon to The Watt Center will be a Lightboard Studio for faculty to use with the help of Clemson Online. Faculty can use this space to practice or to produce their own short lectures and tutorials.

If you just want to take a Lightboard for a "test-run" or want to tour a studio, please set up a demonstration with Clemson Online.