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A SMART Board™is an interactive white board. A SMART Board™ allows you to connect your computer to your whiteboard. You can then control computer applications from the SMART Board™ display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later.

Is there any cost associated with a SMART Board™?

Yes. For advice and installation of a SMART Board™in your classroom contact

Can I download software updates for my SMART Board™?

Yes. The SMART Notebook Software and SMART Board Drivers can be downloaded from the SMART Downloads page. You will need the serial number from your SMART Board or SMART Podium to be able to install the software. This is usually on the bottom or side of the SmartBoard, and on the back of the SMART Podium.

How do I use my SMART Board™?

You can submit a ticket to and request one on one training. If you just need a refresher, you can review the SMART Board™ Two Minute Tutorials or the SMART Board™ Quick Reference Guides on the SMART Training website.

A photograph of a Smartboard being used in the classroom.
Two Minute Tutorials
  • Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink (.SWF)
  • PowerPoint 9.7 (.SWF)
  • Ink Aware 9.7 (.SWF)
  • SMART Notebook Software Basics (.SWF)
  • Using Objects in SMART Notebook Software (.SWF)
  • Using the Properties Tab in SMART Notebook Software (.SWF)
  • Using the Gallery in SMART Notebook Software (.SWF)
  • Using the Page Sorter in SMART Notebook Software (.SWF)
  • Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART Notebook Software (.SWF)
  • Other SMART Tools 9.7 (.SWF)
Quick Reference Guides
  • System Administrator's Guide for Windows (.PDF)
  • Installation Guide for Windows (.PDF)
  • SMART Notebook 2014 user's guide for Windows (.PDF)
  • Hardware Basics for Front-Projection SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards (.PDF)
  • Orienting the SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard (.PDF)
  • Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART Board™ Software (.PDF)
  • Notebook Software Toolbars (.PDF)
  • Working with Notebook Software Gallery Collections (.PDF)
  • Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software (.PDF)
  • SMART Board™ Tools (.PDF)
  • The Floating Tools Toolbar (.PDF)
  • SMART Board™ Welcome Center (.PDF)
Hands-On Practice
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics (.PDF)
  • Notebook Software in the Office (.PDF)
  • Using Microsoft Word in the Classroom on a SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard (.PDF)
  • Using Microsoft Excel in the Office on a SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard (.PDF)
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software on a SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard (.PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of the more frequently asked questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page for the operating system you are using.

Do we offer Instructor-Led training for SMART Boards™?

No. Submit a request to to schedule a one-on-one training session on how to use a SMART Board™ in your classroom.

Additional SMART Board™ Resources