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Smart Podium

Clemson student

SMART Podiums are interactive pen displays that you can connect to any computer through USB and the external monitor(RGB) ports. They act as an external monitor, but also have inking functionality. The inking functionality allows you to write over slides with digital ink, save your notes, access any website or multimedia file and project your work onto a large screen to give your audience a truly interactive experience. SMART Podiums allow you the Tablet PC experience on any computer.

Is there any cost associated with SMART Podiums?

Yes. For advice and installation of a SMART Podium™ in your classroom contact

Can I download software updates for my SMART Podium?

Yes. The SMART Notebook Software and SMART Board Drivers can be downloaded from the SMART Downloads page.
You will need the serial number from your SMART Board or SMART Podium to be able to install the software. This is usually on the bottom or side of the SmartBoard, and on the back of the SMART Podium.

How do I use my SMART Podium?

You can submit a ticket to and request one on one training. If you just need a refresher, you can review the SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display: Quick Reference Guides on the SMART Training website.

Quick Reference Guides
  • SMART Podium ID422w (.PDF)
  • Sympodium ID250 (.PDF)
  • Sympodium IC150 (.PDF)
  • Sympodium ID350 and ID370 (.PDF)
  • Sympodium DT 770 (.PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of the more frequently asked questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page for the particular Sympodium product you are using.