Clemson University Collection of Phytophthora species

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Callistephus chinensis ; China aster
Camellia japonica ; Camellia
Caryopteris sp. ; Caryopteris (Bluebeard)
Catharanthus roseus ; Vinca
Ceanothus sp. ; California lilac
Centaurea cyanus ; Cornflower
Chamaecypris sp. ; Cypress
Chamaerops humilus ; European fan palm
Chionanthus retusus ; Fringe tree, Chinese
Chrysanthemum hybrid cv. Helen; Mum, Helen garden
Citrus sp. ; Citrus
Citrus x limon ; Lemon
Cotoneaster sp. ; Cotoneaster
Cucumis sativus ; Cucumber, Garden
Cucurbita pepo ; Pumpkin, Field
Cucurbita sp. ; Squash

Note: Host names may be searched either by common name, or botanical name. Click on letter to see host names, and click on host name to see all related isolates.

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