Clemson University Collection of Phytophthora species

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I am Prof. Steven N. Jeffers, of the Dept. of Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences at Clemson University. Welcome to our Phytophthora isolate database project.

This isolate collection is the result of over twenty years of research. The collection consists of over 2000 isolates, which include over 70 species, obtained from over 1000 host plants from eleven countries. The isolates are primarily Phytophthora but the collection contains a few Pythium species.

My isolates are numbered with an alphabetic prefix followed by a number. For example NY.020 is isolate 20 from the New York series. If an isolate is known to have an alternate number from another collection, it will appear, for example as P82 .

Each isolate record in our database contains its number, and whenever known, alternate collection numbers, the isolate species, mating type, the host plant name(common and botanical), substrate, the date of isolation or accession, and the location of isolation. We also categorize each isolate according to whether its species is confirmed. For example yes-morph indicates the isolate was confirmed morphologically.

Our database may be searched in several ways. By visiting the search page a particular isolate record may be found provided its isolate number ( eg. NY.007 ) is known. Or a more general search may be done by retrieving all isolate records that match various search criteria such as species, location, host plant, substrate, etc. Finally, a researcher may visit a host page to view, alphabetically, all host plants, and then identify all isolates in our collection that were obtained from a specific host.

Finally, we thank the U.S. Department of Agriculture for their support of this database project.

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