Precision Agriculture

Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering


AGM 401 and AGM 601: Precision Agriculture Technology, 3 credits

Pre-requisites: Junior or senior standing (AGM 401).  Graduate student (AGM 601)

Course Instructor/Coordinator: Dr. Robert E. Williamson (Room 208, McAdams Hall.  Phone: 656-4074). Other instructors will assist in team teaching various topic areas.

 Textbook: "The Precision-Farming Guide for Agriculturists". Mark Morgan and Dan Ess.  Deere and Company. 1997


This course will introduce the student to precision agriculture technology including:

        Introduction to the concept of precision agriculture

        GPS, DGPS, principles and accuracy

        Geographical Information Systems (GIS) use for managing geo-spatial data

        Yield variability, yield monitors and yield mapping

        Soil fertility mapping and grid sampling for soil nutrients

        Remote sensing - fundamentals

        Sensors for information gathering

        Map controlled application of agricultural chemicals - variable rate equipment


Students will receive practical hands-on experience with GPS equipment to collect geo-referenced field data.  Students will organize the data using SS Toolbox (a leading GIS software package for agriculture).  The GIS lab in Room 231, Lehotsky Hall will be used for GIS instruction.

 Graduate Students:

  • Deepesh Mathur, Ms student, Ag & Bio Engineering Dept.

  • Serap Gorucu, PhD student, Ag & Bio Engineering Dept.

  • Muharrem Keskin, PhD student, Ag & Bio Engineering Dept.

  • Zhisheng Qing, PhD student, Ag & Bio Engineering Dept.