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Supplier Add Form

Vendor Add Request Vendor Addition Form


Effective February 18, 2008 - All CU suppliers must self-register through Clemson buyWays.
Please direct suppliers to look for Supplier Portal.

Please allow 48 hours for the completion of any Vendor Addition request.
Please do not contact procurement or related organizations, as this slows processing the request.
This form includes IRS information.
The user accepts responsibility for the accuracy of all information.


AP Business Unit
Vendor Name
Payment Terms
If Other, please specify 
Payment Handling Code

*Selection of HP will be reviewed by Procurement Services

Vendor Description    
If Other, please specify
Required Email OR Fax #
Conflict of Interest
Is vendor an employee or an immediate family member (i.e. parent, child, spouse or sibling) of a CU employee? Yes *        No 
If yes, please give the CU employee name and relationship
Is this vendor a business (including but not limited to corporations and partnerships) in which any CU employee or any family member either individually or collectively, has (have) a majority (over 50 percent) ownership interest? Yes         No 
1099 Information
Is vendor a 1099 reporting entity?              Yes *        No      Not  Sure
If Yes, what description code best describes source of business?

All Rents 7313, 7340

Royalties, 7025

Prizes, Awards, etc.  7304, 7306

Medical & Health Care, 7031

Non-Employee Compensation (provides services) 
7004, 7002, 7012, 7014, 7016, 7019, 7020, 7023, 7024, 7028, 7032, 7316

Attorney, Lawyer Fees, 7001

Participant Support Costs, 7551, 7552
Foreign Vendor Information
Please contact Pablo Unda (656-5591) if this is a payment made either directly to a foreign vendor, or to a vendor, U.S. or foreign, on behalf of a foreign national for the following:
                (1)   Fees as a consultant, speaker, lecturer, artist, athlete, or performer in the USA
                (2)   Prizes or cash awards
                (3)   Royalties
                (4)   Rent
Is Vendor a foreign vendor?    * Yes     No      Not Sure
*  If Yes, please give a brief description of service or item purchased.
Is payment being made to another institution for a Foreign National?    Yes     No

Federal ID or SSN/ITIN   (Select approriate field)

Check Payable:  
To Vendor, Federal ID Number (FEIN) required
To Individual, Social Security Number (SSN) required
(unless single reimbursement
for travel expenses)
To Foreign Individual, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
     FEIN              Check payable to Vendor
     SSN/ITIN      Check payable to Individual
 All vendors must have a valid mailing address. 
Vendor checks will not be mailed to
campus addresses. 
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4
City/Town 1
Zip Code
Name of person making request
Telephone # of person making request
Email of person making request