Prospective Students

Professional and Non-Degree Students

Options for Professionals

Off campus students can take advantage of Distance Education courses and programs available through satellite broadcast, videoconferencing, videotape, CD-ROM/DVD and the Internet. Courses taught through the use of videotape and the Internet offer the most flexibility for students who travel or work different shifts. These classes do not meet face-to-face, but students interact with teachers and other students through e-mail, course management system tools including electronic discussion boards and chat rooms, and/or telephone. For more information, call (864) 656-3494.

Clemson also offer Professional Advancement and Continuing Education options, including conferences and customized trainings.

Non-Degree Seeking Student

If you wish to apply as a non-degree student, you must complete an application for admission. In addition, you must forward two unopened copies of an official transcript confirming the award of the bachelor's degree. These must be received at least five weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

All non-degree students must receive permission from the program coordinator or department chair before enrolling in the graduate courses.  This classification is not open to international students.

If you wish to take courses at Clemson but do not wish to pursue a degree and are not currently enrolled at another institution, you may apply for admission as a special student. A maximum of 18 hours at Clemson may be taken under this category.  If you have previously been denied regular admission, you are not eligible for special student status.