Tornado Safety


What to do in the event of a tornado:

  1. If a cloudy sky becomes stormy or rough in appearance -- Tune in to local radio or area television broadcasts for possible advisories from the National Weather Service. Remain alert for a worsening sky and the approach of storms, especially from the area generally southwest of Clemson.

  2. Preplan you refuge—this action is the key to your safety! A TORNADO WATCH indicates that conditions are right for spawning tornadoes. If a TORNADO WATCH is issued, designate an observer to monitor the weather conditions.

  3. Individuals should observe the southwestern sky and listen for further advisories. Be sure that you and any group that you may be supervising will be able to reach one of the following areas in seconds:

    — a BASEMENT area with no windows, especially a CIVIL DEFENSE

    designated shelter. — a BOTTOM FLOOR HALLWAY.

    — an INTERIOR HALLWAY or SMALL INTERIOR ROOM with no windows.

  4. DO NOT seek refuge in the following areas: Gymnasiums, auditoriums, dining halls, workshops, laboratories, classrooms, exterior rooms with windows, elevators, stairwells, non-masonry buildings, barns, utility areas, mobile units and mobile vehicles. DO NOT SEEK REFUGE OUTSIDE. However, if there is no other choice plan to lie flat in a ditch or culvert!

    Go! Take cover before it strikes! When a TORNADO WARNING is broadcast in the Clemson area go immediately to your refuge! (A TORNADO WARNING announces that a tornado has been sighted in the area.)