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Students currently working in my lab

  • Drea Fekety (PhD student)
  • Ashley Stafford (PhD student)
  • Stephanie Whetsel (PhD student)

Past Graduate Students

  • Matt Crisler, PhD (now a Guest Scientist at Fraunhofer Research Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
  • Stacy Balk, PhD (now a Research Psychologist at the Federal Highway Administration Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, SAIC Transportation Solutions Division)
  • Rachel Rosenberg, MS (now at VistaPrint)
  • Justin Graving, MS (now at U. Minnesota)
  • Johnell Brooks, PhD (now an Asst. Prof. in Clemson’s Psychology Department)
  • Katie Kimble, MS (now at Lextant)
  • Abby Stephenson, MS (now at Delta Airlines)
  • Thad Pasquale, MS (now at Dell)
  • Rich Grutzmacher, MS (now at Microsoft)
  • Del Marsh, MS (now at Intel)
  • Chad Patton, MS (now in Clemson University’s Business Systems)
  • Scot Best, MS (now at NAVAIR Human Systems)
  • Kate Walton, MS (now a usability consultant in France)

Current collaborators

  • Fred Owens, PhD, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, USA
  • Joanne Wood, PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia