Barry Beith PhD. of HumanCentric to speak

For this weeks discussion group Barry Beith, Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Officer of HumanCentric, as well as Fellow and Past president of HFES will be sharing his experiences as a leader, entrepreneur, and expert in our field on April 9th at 2:30pm Rm 419 Brackett Hall.

This is the third and final speaker presenting in honor of Human Factors Month this April.

As a reminder:

Clemson HFES is an organization of students, faculty, alumni, and professionals, from a variety of departments and disciplines who are interested in human centered research and design.  Our goal during Human Factors month is to promote our field to others in our University and community through various activities.

  1. We have organized an April Fool’s Design competition, where people can submit examples of bad designs (ones that make people look foolish) with suggestions of possible remedies.  We are offering a $50 prize, award certificate, and website feature to the individual who enters the best submission.
  2. To increase awareness of what we do, we will be giving a presentation about Human Factors to other organizations and classes on campus, as well as to local high schools in the area.  Let us know if you would like us to come and speak to your group.
  3. In addition to these activities we have arranged for a series of speakers and everyone is invited!

We hope you will join us by participating in these activities that celebrate our discipline and draw attention to the important work that is being done by Human Factors practitioners.

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