HFDG: 5 Minute Madness

This Friday will be a 5-Minute MADNESS of Research.  The six first year HF students will present on a variety of cutting edge research topics.  However, they only have 5 slides and 5 minutes (cue dramatic music!).  In addition, they will have 2-3 minutes for discussion and questions afterwards.  The presenter and topics are:

  • Richard Goodenough: Using inertial measurement units to measure head movements made during a simulated driving task
  • Lindsay Long: Reclaiming the Claims Process: GMAC Insurance (the results of a usability study conducted earlier)
  • Scott McIntyre:  Fatigue and Eye Tracking Measures in a Vigilance Task Detecting Brake Lamps
  • Margaux Price:  Conducting a Needs Assessment for Personal Electronic Health Records
  • Rachel Rosenberg:  Product Safety & Liability in Human Factors
  • Linnea Smolentzov:  Linnea will discuss an interesting article on the presentation of health statistics
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