HFDG in the Botanical Garden, organized by Lee Gugerty

FRIDAY (10/15/2010); HFDG in the Botanical Garden, organized by Lee Gugerty:

The article we will discuss is attached. It deals with the question of whether nature vs. urban environments differentially affect our performance on attentional tasks. To get into the spirit of this article, we will have HFDG at the Clemson Botanical Gardens, weather permitting. The Garden is located on Perimeter Road. Park in the parking lot by the red train caboose, and meet at the caboose at 1:30. It’s a real caboose; you can’t miss it.

Also, if people are interested, I would like to get even more into the spirit of this article by doing an exercise where we explore the Botanical Gardens for the first 30-45 minutes of the HFDG time. So this exercise would start at 1:30. After the exercise, we would meet back by the caboose and discuss both the article and the exploration exercise. This would mean that HFDG would last about an extra 30 minutes. The group can decide whether or not we want to do the exercise when we meet at 1:30.

If the weather looks bad we will postpone this meeting until next Friday, but so far the weather looks perfect.

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