HFES Student Chapter Guest Speaker: Stanley Caplan, Usability Associates

Friday, April 13th 3:00pm (note that this is different from the usual 2:30 PM time and it will be via video-conference).
419 Brackett Hall

214 Brackett Hall

Stanley Caplan
Usability Associates

So You Want to be a Consultant?!!

The Clemson HFES student chapter will be hosting speaker Stanley Caplan, founder of Usability Associates, LLC, a 14 year-old Human Factors consulting firm that helps companies develop “swearless” products. But that’s not all it does! Stan will explain how Usability Associates has evolved to be quite different than his original vision. The lessons he learned along the way will inform your thinking about being a consultant at some point in your Human Factors career.

Usability Associates is a Human Factors consulting firm specializing in requirements definition, design, testing and installation for product development. The firm was founded in 1998 by Stanley Caplan. Stan envisioned a personalized usability service provided to companies having no Human Factors resources as well as those who need to supplement existing resources when the need arises.

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