Human Factors Discussion Group 9/24/2010

For this week’s HF Discussion group Eric and Adam are asking for input on the design of their new Bite Counter.

What is a Bite Counter? In their Clemson research programs Drs. Eric Muth and Adam Hoover have developed a way to determine when an individual takes a bite of food by tracking wrist role motion. Clemson University has filed a patent on the method. Eric and Adam have formed a company, Bite Technologies, licensing the technology from Clemson University to develop the method into a Bite Counter device that can be worn on the wrist like a large watch and that can keep a bite count in the way a pedometer keeps a step count. The device is currently in the design phase, just before manufacturing. This Friday Eric will present the process associated with the design of the wearable device and various design decisions and options will be discussed.

As usual, we will meet Friday at 1:30 in the Psychology Conference Room, 419 Brackett Hall (accessible through room 418, across from the top of the ‘angled’ atrium stairs).

Due to the annual HFES meeting there will be not be a discussion group meeting next week.

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