Application Process

Applicants to the Human Factors PhD or MS program are strongly encouraged to have coursework covering cognition, perception, statistics and research methods prior to entering the HF program. Prospective applicants who have not completed this background coursework may still apply to the HF program. Then, if you are admitted, the HF program will work with you to develop a plan for completing the background coursework. Please note that the HF program does not make such recommendations until after you have been admitted.

Applicants to the Industrial-Organizational (IO) PhD or MS program are strongly encouraged to obtain some background in applied psychology prior to applying, and are expected to have basic knowledge of psychological theories and methods, but the I-O program does not have a specific psychology course credit expectation for either the MS or the PhD level.

Prior to applying, applicants are encouraged to look over the research interests of departmental faculty members, find those who seem to have similar research interests to yours, and contact those faculty to discuss potential mutual research interests.

You may apply on the web at Your application should be received by January 15 for the following fall semester (please check with the graduate school for the current application fee schedule). The January 15 deadline is the correct deadline; it supersedes any deadline you find on the website of the Clemson graduate school or any other place.

Every required item in support of your application must be on file by that date. January admissions are not permitted. In addition to the standard graduate application, you will need to provide the following materials as part of your application packet:

  • verbal, quantitative and analytical GRE scores (the GRE Psychology Subject test is not required)
  • transcripts from your undergraduate (and any graduate) institutions
  • three letters of recommendation (these do not have to be from college professors, and they don’t have to be on Clemson’s recommendation form; a letter describing your academic potential and characteristics will be fine)
  • a “statement of interest”, i.e., a 1- to 2-page letter describing why you want to go to graduate school in human factors or I/O. It is recommended that as part of the statement of interest you discuss your research interests and how those fit with the research interests of the department faculty
  • a resume (or academic-style vita) is also recommended, but is not required.

The Department of Psychology does not offer graduate training in clinical or counseling psychology, nor does it offer graduate courses part time, online or via distance learning. You will be expected to be in residence for the duration of your graduate career.