iTiger research and development project

For this week’s discussion group, Jenna and Nate has arranged for the iTiger team to present their research and development project, which is in need of human centered design and usability testing expertise.  This presentation will allow us as a department to explore an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and new possibilities for courses and credit.  The iTiger team is made up of computer science, information management, and business graduate and undergraduate students.  Currently the students are enrolled for 1 credit hour of Creative Inquiry, but plan on increasing this to two or three credit hours in the future.  We will discuss and demo their technology as well as how their departments are dealing with interdisciplinary projects/classes such as this in their curriculum.

Here’s a quick overview, from Dr. Martin’s Webpage….this is the overview of the course from last semester, it has/will morph a bit moving forward on the key focus areas, as will be discussed on Friday:

iTiger: The iTiger project is a synergistic partnership of athletics, business, academia, and industry with the common goal of shaping and realizing the collegiate stadium of the future at Clemson University.  Overall, the iTiger project has some very lofty goals. For the sake of planning and scheduling actual development, iTiger is a set of web-based services aimed at mobile devices to enhance the Clemson experience in sports, academics, and around campus. Features will include instant replays and real-time player stats for football games, classroom tools, tools to aid local law enforcement for public safety, and much more. In addition to serving the campus and nearby community, this project has a strong research mission that will research network traffic and scalability, prioritized transmission of critical data, and the emerging Wi-Max technology in a real, living environment with potentially thousands of users.  A common theme surrounding much of the anticipated research will be to develop ideas and technology surrounding the sports and entertainment venues of the future. We are developing a broad research agenda that will include at least the following areas:  Computer networking, digital production arts and broadcast technology,   Social networking.  Please see the following web sites for further information

As usual, we will meet Friday at 2:30 in the Psychology Conference Room, 419 Brackett Hall (accessible through room 418, across from the top of the ‘angled’ atrium stairs).

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