Stacy Balk wins HFES Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper

Stacy Balk, a 2010 graduate of our PhD program in Human Factors Psychology, won the Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award at the 2011 annual meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in Las Vegas. The award honors outstanding research conducted by a student. The selection of the winner of this award involved multiple stages of rigorous review by a panel of experts. From the many student papers that were nominated for this award, the panel selected three finalists and each of these finalists delivered their talk to the panel in a special session that included an extended question-and-answer session. The award, which includes a $1000 cash prize, was announced in front of several thousand attendees of the conference. This is a prestigious honor for Stacy and for our graduate program. Stacy’s paper, entitled “the (in)accuracy of estimations of our own visual acuity in the presence of glare,” presented one of the experiments from Stacy’s doctoral dissertation. Congratulations to Stacy for leaving Las Vegas a winner!

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