Brown: Teams & Stress: A Meta & Process Analysis

A Dissertation proposal by: Brandy A. Brown, M.s.

January 27th, 2010 @ 3:00pm in Brackett 418

Past teamwork literature has experienced contradictory findings. As more reliable models of teamwork Abstract: emerge there is still a noticeable lack of information regarding how stress affects teamwork processes. This paper first reviews the current findings on team performance and effectiveness, the teamwork processes believed to produce these results, and the current state of the team stress literature. Initially a meta-analysis of the current team performance and stress literature will be presented. Following those findings, a process analysis of teamwork under different stress conditions will be conducted. Specific hypotheses are discussed which propose negative team performance effects due to stress and we intend to use binary logistic regression to identify which individual processes are most affected by the team being under stress and how these effects function.

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