Mike Wilson thesis proposal

Monday, 9 September, 1:15 p.m. in Brackett 419.

Assessing the Bite Counter as a Weight Loss Tool

Obesity is a growing health concern throughout the world. Health risks associated with obesity such as diabetes and heart disease result in obesity costing us over $170 million annually. Self-monitoring of Energy Intake (EI) is a critical element of a successful weight loss plan; however current methods to monitor EI are cumbersome and prone to under reporting. The present study seeks to assess the effectiveness of a newly developed tool, the Bite Counter as a tool to assist motivated individuals to effectively monitor their EI and adjust their eating to achieve a targeted weekly weight loss goal. Data will be collected from 40 participants (20 control) in a study where Bite Counter feedback was used to titrate daily bite count goals in order to meet a 1 to 2 pound per week weight loss goal measured against the control group which will only be given weight loss literature. Halfway through the study, Bite Counters will be introduced into the control group to determine if the results from the initial Bite Counter group could be replicated.

Chair: Eric Muth Committee Members: Adam Hoover, Patrick Rosopa

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