Nathan Klein’s dissertation proposal meeting 8/20, 9AM

Nathan Klein’s dissertation proposal is scheduled for Tuesday August 20, 2013 at 9:00 am in the psychology department conference room Brackett 419.

Understanding and Improving Pedagogical Aspects of a General Education Eportfolio

The goal of this research is to examine general education eportfolio components that help improve student learning outcomes. A general education eportfolio is essentially a website created by a student, who selects, links, and reflects upon artifacts they have created in order to demonstrate their competency in the various domains of higher education, e.g. social science, mathematics, and natural science. The proposed research will combine and extend two previous studies by Klein et al. (2011) into a controlled factorial design manipulating the type of reflection required and the type of eportfolio support provided. A second study will manipulate the number of artifacts used during reflection. The impact of these variables on student competency and metacognitive accuracy in social science will be assessed. Main effects of support, reflective activity, and number of artifacts on both competency and metacognitive accuracy are expected. Support and activity are also expected to produce interactive effects on competency and metacognitive ability. This research will inform educators of best practices in eportfolio program design at the general education level with regards to improving learning outcomes in college students.
Chair: Ben Stephens
Committee: Lee Gugerty, Fred Switzer, Joel Greenstein

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