Rebecca Cook’s Thesis Proposal Presentation

Title: Correlational Study of the Handoff Communication Process as a Result of Variation in Staffing Levels
Committee: Dr. Lee Gugerty (Chair), Dr. David Neyens (Co-chair), Dr. June Pilcher
When: April 22, 2014 @ 1:30pm
Where: Brackett 122
Abstract: The patient handoff is an intricate process that takes on many forms within the healthcare domain. One incredibly common, yet complex handoff is that from the Emergency Department (ED) to the respective floor unit for the extended care of a patient upon hospital admission. While the specifics of the protocol for this process vary between institutions, the importance of a successful handoff for patient safety is universal. This study will examine the effects of the variation in staffing levels on the communication handoff process based on the time of day at which the process occurs.

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