Zajack: Multilevel Antecedents of Economic Stress

Title: Multilevel Antecedents of Economic Stress

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 12:30pm, 419 Brackett Hall

Abstract: Much of the study of economic stress focuses on outcomes. This study assessed the antecedents that precede employee perceptions of economic strain. A multilevel framework of economic antecedents was proposed. The framework included objective indicators of the macroeconomic context as well as individual-level objective and subjective economic antecedents. It was hypothesized that antecedents within each of these categories of economic stress can fall into one of two dimensions: employment- or finance-related. Indicators of the macroeconomic context were gathered from the American Community Survey (ACS). Over 2,000 union employees of a large U.S. Midwestern retail chain provided individual employee-level economic information and economic stress perceptions. A confirmatory factor analysis examined the fit of the hypothesized framework of economic antecedents. The subsequent individual-level economic antecedent factors were found to be predictive of individual economic stress perceptions.

Chair: Bob Sinclair
Committee: DeWayne Moore, Fred Switzer, James McCubbin

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