Elizabeth Conde-Evans: “Who’s the boss? The Gender Stereotypes on Perceptions of Leaders…

“Who’s the boss? The Gender Stereotypes on Perceptions of Leaders and the Likelihood of Engaging in Organizational Citizenship Behaviors” by Elizabeth Conde-Evans.

Friday, April 30, 2010
11:30 AM
Brackett 419

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HF End-of-the-year Party

The HF faculty and students recently celebrated the end of the a successful academic year!  Thanks to Dr. Tyrrell for hosting the party.

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New HFES Student Chapter Officers

The votes have been counted.  Here are your new HFES Student Chapter officers.  Congrats to everyone.

  • President:  Jenna Scisco
  • Vice President:  Lindsay Long
  • Secretary: Linnea Smolentzov
  • Treasurer:  Stephanie Whetsel
  • Webmaster:  Margaux Price
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Clemson @ Cognitive Aging Conference 2010 in Atlanta

Clemson students (and alumna) presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference in Atlanta GA.

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And the 2010 Psychology Idol is…

Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to all of the candidates!

The 2010 Psychology Idol is….Lyndsey Sherell Williams-Mayweather

Here’s her eportfolio: http://sites.google.com/site/lmay1913/

Congratulations Lyndsey!

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Barry Beith PhD. of HumanCentric to speak

For this weeks discussion group Barry Beith, Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Officer of HumanCentric, as well as Fellow and Past president of HFES will be sharing his experiences as a leader, entrepreneur, and expert in our field on April 9th at 2:30pm Rm 419 Brackett Hall.

This is the third and final speaker presenting in honor of Human Factors Month this April.

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Top Five Psychology Idols!

We have identified the “Top Five” Psychology Idols!  Congratulations!

They are listed here: http://people.clemson.edu/~bstephe/PsychIdolTopFiveSpring2010.html

Vote for your favorite……to determine the “Final Two” Idols.

To vote, send an email to me at bstephe@clemson.edu and put the idol’s number in the subject line.

For example, type  Idol#4 in the subject line of the email to cast a vote for that Idol.

You may vote only once:  send ONLY ONE email.  No multiple votes!

After we identify the “Two Finalist” vote-getters, we’ll move to the Final round.

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Clemson @ Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Conference 2010 in Atlanta

A large group of Clemson students and faculty presented at the SIOP conference in Atlanta.  See information about their presentations below:
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Stacy A. Balk: The Accuracy of Observers’ Estimates of the Effect of Glare on Nighttime Vision…

“The Accuracy of Observers’ Estimates of the Effect of Glare on Nighttime Vision: Do We Exaggerate the Disabling Effects of Glare? ” by Stacy A. Balk.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
8:45 AM
Cooper Library – Brown Room (conference room to the right of main lobby)

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Joshua A. Gomer: Spatial Perception and Robot Operation…

“Spatial Perception and Robot Operation: The Relationship Between Visual Spatial Ability and Performance in Direct Line of Sight and Teleoperation ” by Joshua A. Gomer.

Monday, April 12, 2010
2:30 PM
Brackett 419

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