Clemson @ Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Conference 2010 in Atlanta

A large group of Clemson students and faculty presented at the SIOP conference in Atlanta.  See information about their presentations below:
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Stacy A. Balk: The Accuracy of Observers’ Estimates of the Effect of Glare on Nighttime Vision…

“The Accuracy of Observers’ Estimates of the Effect of Glare on Nighttime Vision: Do We Exaggerate the Disabling Effects of Glare? ” by Stacy A. Balk.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
8:45 AM
Cooper Library – Brown Room (conference room to the right of main lobby)

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Joshua A. Gomer: Spatial Perception and Robot Operation…

“Spatial Perception and Robot Operation: The Relationship Between Visual Spatial Ability and Performance in Direct Line of Sight and Teleoperation ” by Joshua A. Gomer.

Monday, April 12, 2010
2:30 PM
Brackett 419

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Stephanie R. Fishel-Brown: The Relationship Between Energy Balance Understanding…

“The Relationship Between Energy Balance Understanding and Measures of Wellness” by Stephanie R. Fishel-Brown.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
3:30 PM
Brackett 419

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Vote for the next Psychology Idol

We have identified 10 “Top Tier” Psychology Idols!  Congratulations!

They are listed here:

Vote for your favorite……to determine the “Top Five” Idols.

To vote, send an email to me at and put the idol’s number in the subject line.

For example, type  Idol#4 in the subject line of the email to cast a vote for that Idol.

You may vote only once:  send ONLY ONE email.  No multiple votes!

Voting closes midnight, Friday April 9th.

After we identify the “Top Five” vote-getters, we’ll move to the next round.

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Jenna Scisco receives the SMART Scholarship from DoD

HF student Jenna Scisco was awarded the Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship ( by the Department of Defense. The scholarship will pay for full tuition, fees, and health insurance, and provide a monthly stipend and book allowance for two years (2010-2012). As part of the scholarship program, she will complete an internship in summer 2011 and be employed for two years after graduation at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA; at Fort Belvoir, VA.

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Jonathan Drum of John Deere to speak

Jonathan Drum, Vehicle Human Factors Engineer at John Deere & Co., will speak about about the human factors design challenges specific to the construction industry and the tools he uses to solve those problems.

Please note, this talk is scheduled for April 8th (Thursday) at XX:XX in the Psychology Conference room (Brackett Hall 419).

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Anne McLaughlin of NCSU to speak about Wii and cognitive training

Dr. Anne McLaughlin, who directs the LACElab and Gains Through Gaming lab at NCSU, is visiting. She’ll speak about her NSF-funded project on cognitive training using the Nintendo Wii.

The talk is scheduled for 4/2/2010 at 2:30 pm in the Psychology conference room (Brackett 419).

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Are you the next….Psychology Idol?

Psychology Majors – Submit your psychology electronic portfolio* to the Psychology Idol contest

Win Fame……..and $50, $250, or $500!

See for more info

I. Audition Round – April 6 deadline to email ** electronic portfolio* URL to Psychology Idol Panel to determine “Top Tier”.

II. Elimination Round – April 8 -April 9

Votes from all psychology majors, faculty and staff will determine the “Top Five” from the “Top Tier”

III. Finalist Round  – April 12

Votes from all psychology majors, faculty, and staff will select the top two “Finalists” from the “Top Five”

IV. Final Round – April 14

Votes from all psychology majors, faculty, and staff will determine the Psychology Idol!
We will announce the Psychology Idol on April 15

*The psychology electronic portfolio should showcase your knowledge, skill, interests and abilities within psychology.  The epotfolio may also showcase psychology-related, other academic, and extrcurricular activities.  A psychology electronic portfolio is required in “Senior Lab”, PSYCH 492, but this competition is not restricted to students who have taken (or are currently taking) PSYCH 492. The eportfolio must be located at a URL that is publicly viewable, such as Google Sites.

**The email address for submission of your URL is:

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HF Discussion Group: Rick Tyrrell

For this week’s HF Discussion Group Rick Tyrrell will discuss issues surrounding drivers’ ability to see that there are pedestrians are out there at night.  He’ll show off some new data from Australia and some still-pretty-fresh data from Clemson.  He won’t be following a script but will be hoping that the crowd shares plenty of ideas, interruptions, and interesting interpretations.

As usual, we will meet Friday at 2:30 in the Psychology Conference Room, 419 Brackett Hall (accessible through room 418, across from the top of the ‘angled’ atrium stairs).

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