Advising and Registration Information (New)


Registration begins on Monday, April 1.  Academic advising officially begins on Monday, March 25 (right after Spring Break).  Some advisors may begin earlier.  Advisors will either post appointment schedules on their office door or they will email you with alternative instructions.  Please come to your advising session with a tentative Fall schedule and two copies of your Degree Progress Report (DPR) which you can access in SISweb.  Your academic advisor will clear you for registration at this time.

Registration Portal

Students will find the Fall 2013 class schedule as well as other pertinent registration information on the Registration Portal at

iRoar Portal

The University has adopted a new student system—Banner, also referred to as iRoar. The link to the iRoar Portal is  Students will find the Fall 2013 class schedule here as well as other pertinent information concerning iRoar. It is also here where you will register for courses for the Fall.

Registration Time Assignments

This website shows the specific days and times at which you may begin your registration.

iRoar Registration Help Center

Students who need help in registering may be go to the iRoar Registration Help Center which will be open from 8:00 to 4:30 on April 1-11.  They will be located in the following locations:  228 Long, 342 Brackett, G-12 Sirrine, and 305 Edwards.  Please be sure to bring your laptops with you.

Psychology 309, 310, and 493

Students enrolling in PSYC 3090, 3100, or 4930 will need the CRN number for both the lecture and the corresponding lab. The lecture-lab matches (and their corresponding CRN numbers) can be found on this list.

Graduating Seniors

Students are advised to review their DPRs with their advisor to be sure all requirements for graduation are being met.  Students are also advised to visit the Registrar’s Office in Sikes 104 to request an appointment for a degree check.

University Electronic Portfolio Requirement

Students are required to complete their ePortfolio Requirement in order to graduate in May.  If you have questions, please contact Dr. Gail Ring at

New Math and Science Requirements

The math and science requirements in our program were made more flexible last semester.  Information can be found at

Psychology Undergraduate Handbook 2012-2013

Transfer students and others who may have just changed into Psychology may request a copy of this handbook at the front desk in Brackett 418.   Other students wanting to look at the new handbook may go on line to where it has been posted.

Independent Study Courses (Psychology H490, H491, 497, H497, 498, and H498)

After you have found a faculty advisor for your research (PSYC H4900, H4910, 4970, H4970, 4980, and H4980), you will need to request an override from the instructor.  This will allow you to then register for the course.  The on line schedule will indicate the instructor for the multiple sections.  Be sure to find the appropriate section of your course.  You and your research advisor will need to decide ahead of time the number of credit hours.

Useful Links

Psychology Undergraduate Coordinators

Please feel free to contact Dr. Cindy Pury at or Dr. Pamela Alley at if you have any questions.