Change of Major

Change of Major Requirements

To add or change into a Psychology major, you must attend one manditory Change of Major meeting. At the time of the meeting, you must have 2.4 GPA based on 12 credits or more taken at CU or in the Bridge Program. If you do not yet meet these requirements, see the next-to-final section on this page.

Change of Major meetings for Spring 2015 registration have already occurred. If you have already attended a meeting, in order for the change to take effect in time for registration for Spring 2015 your Request to Change Academic Program form MUST be signed by both the psychology department and your former department, then placed in Dr. Pam Alley’s mailbox in Brackett 413 no later than noon on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. Change of major forms received after that date and time will be processed at the start of next semester. If you miss the deadline, see the information in the next-to-last section on this page.

Change of Major meetings held in time for FALL 2015 registration will be held:

Thu Dec 4 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Fri Dec 5 8:30am – 9:30am

Preregistration is required – see below for registration instructions. Note: attending the meeting does not mean that you must change your major – you can change your mind afterwards.

These meetings are ONLY for students who have completed 12 credits or more at Clemson or in the Bridge Program. If you are new to Clemson, you will need to wait until after you have completed 12 credits at Clemson to attend.

Students attending the December meetings should be aware that this meeting will not affect their ability to register as a major for Spring 2015, but rather for Fall 2015.

Meeting Registration

All meetings will be in Brackett 419. You must have a confirmed registration to attend. To register for a meeting time email the following information to Dr. Pury at

1) The session day and time that you will attend

2) Your Clemson ID number, beginning with a capital “C” (e.g., “C123456789″ – this makes it easy to cut and paste your ID for accuracy)

3) A statement that you have read the Fee Cost section of the CBBS Course and Major Fee page at and agree to its terms

*Note: If you email Dr. Pury and do NOT receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please email her again from your Clemson email account. We’ve had some trouble with spam filters blocking emails in the recent past.

Required Documents for Meeting

All students will need three documents at the meeting. All documents need to be printed and completed prior to the meeting, except for portions requiring a department signature.

1) A What If Degree Works report for the psychology major you are interested in (BA or BS; or both if you are not sure), along with a minor if you know it. Use the most recent curriculum year available. Instructions for generating What If Degree Works audits are available at

2) The Alternative Format Advising Checklist found here, filled out with courses you’ve completed and those you are taking currently.

3) A current Change of Program form from

Missed Deadline or Don’t Qualify to Change Yet?

If you missed the deadline to submit your form or you do not meet the requirements to change majors at the moment, you will need to review all of the available material on our website to choose your schedule. You will not be assigned an advisor in the department nor will you be entered into iROAR as a PSYC major. Thus you will not have access to courses restricted to PSYC majors.

However, you may still take some courses as if you were a psychology major. If this is the case, create a What If Degree Works for your desired major/minor combination (see above) and follow the Alternative Format Advising Checklist found here. Please note that some PSYC classes (2020, 3090/3091, 3100/3101,3340, 4150, 4220, 4920, and 4930/4931) are reserved for majors only and, unless it would delay you from graduation, you will need to wait until you are a major to register for these particular courses. You will need to contact your current academic advisor to be cleared for registration.

Additional information, including a complete Undergraduate Handbook, is available from links on the main Psychology Department webpage.

Changing FROM Psychology to Another Major?

Contact your Psychology Academic Advisor to arrange for his or her signature. To find your academic advisor, check iROAR or see the advisor lists posted in the Psychology Department hallways.