FAQ for Undergrads

Where is the Department of Psychology located?

Brackett Hall, third and fourth floors. The main department office is in Room 418.

Who is the Chair of the Department?

Dr. Pat Raymark is the Department Chair.

Who are the Undergraduate Program Coordinators?

Dr. Cindy Pury and Dr. Pam Alley

Who should I see if I am considering applying to a graduate program?

Dr. Ned Brainerd

Who is the Graduate Program Coordinator for Clemson’s master’s and doctoral programs?

Dr. Bob Sinclair

Who is the advisor for the Psychology Club?

Dr. Heidi Zinzow

Who is the advisor for Psi Chi?

Dr. Robert Campbell

How do I find out who my departmental academic advisor is?

In the Psychology Department on the fourth floor of Brackett Hall, there are bulletin boards outside the main office which have a listing of all the current psychology majors and their advisors. If your name is not on the listing, contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinators.

Where do freshman majors go for course registration in November?

In their first semester at Clemson, freshmen psychology majors are advised in the CBBS Academic Advising Center in Sirrine Hall.

Who is the advisor for honors students in Psychology?

Dr. Tom Alley

Where do I go to obtain forms for Change of Major, Approval of Course Work to be Taken Elsewhere, Course Substitutions, Double Majors, etc.?

Records Office in 104 Sikes Hall Where do I go to obtain information on transfer credits from other institutions? Transfer admissions office in 105 Sikes Hall.

Who do I see if I want to change my major to or from Psychology?

The Undergraduate Program Coordinators.

Where can I get information and application materials for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

Please visit the ETS GRE Website at http://www.ets.org/gre/.

Is there a minimal GPR requirement for students desiring to change their major to Psychology?

Yes, a GPR of 2.4 or higher is required to become a psychology major.

Do I have to have a 2.0 GPR in my psychology courses to graduate?

No, but you are required to have an overall 2.0 in all course work taken at Clemson in order to graduate.

If I receive a “D” in a psychology course, do I have to take the course over?

A “C” is required in PSYCH 201, Introduction to Psychology, before advanced courses may be taken. A “D” is considered a passing grade in all other courses and the course does not have to be retaken.

If a course counts towards my minor can I also count it toward my major?

No, a course cannot count toward one’s major and minor. Decide which one you want it to count toward, then take an additional course in the other area.