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Common FAQ

When and where will the next South Carolina Water Resources Conference be held?

The conference is a biennial event - held in even years. The next conference will be held in October of 2018 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center - dates will be confirmed soon.

When will the Call for Abstracts be announced for 2018?

The Call for Abstracts will be announced in early February of 2018. The deadline submittal for oral presentations is usually around mid-April. Abstracts for poster presentations are accepted through early September.

How are abstracts reviewed and selected for presentation?

The planning committee members individually review the submissions and then come together to discuss and agree upon which abstracts should be selected and how to group them into relevant sessions. 

When are notices sent out to those who submitted abstracts and how are they notified?

Typically, notification emails are distributed by mid-May.

Are presenters required to submit a manuscript?

Neither oral nor poster presenters are required to submit a manuscript - although we do encourage oral presenters to do so.

Where can I find guidelines for the manuscript format?

Guidelines and a template are availabie on the "For Presenters" page on this website.

Where can I find abstracts, manuscripts, posters or print programs from the past conferences?

The proceedings for the 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 conferences are archived on TigerPrints - Clemson University's digital repository - The full proceedings for 2016 will be posted by mid-January as presenters have until January 9 to submit their manuscripts. Files for the 2016 poster presentations will be available soon on TigerPrints. The past print programs can be downloaded from the "About" page on this site - and they are also available with the archived proceedings by year on TigerPrints.

How are manuscripts selected for the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources?

Upon submitting manuscripts for their conference presentation, presenters may request consideration for the next issue of the journal. The journal editorial committee will select up to a dozen and invite the authors to submit a full article for a 3-step review process. The invitation does not mean the article will be published, as there will be a 3-step review process all articles must pass through. The journal is an annual publication. In odd years, it will feature select manuscripts from the previous year's conference. In even years, the issue will feature articles submitted through an open call with a theme focus.