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The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) positions Clemson University and its faculty, staff and students to successfully compete for external funding through the provision of consistent, efficient and transparent systems and services delivered by a highly-skilled staff in the spirit of collaboration.

OSP consists of five (5) college-based Support Centers, a satellite office at Greenville Health System, and a central office responsible for cross-college/institutional specialized services.  A Steering Committee composed of each Support Center's Manager and the members of the central office meet regularly to assure efficient operations.

OSP Support Centers

Housed in each college, the OSP Support Center staff assists faculty with pre-award application preparation (including budgets), review and submission of all grant applications for investigators in that college. Support Centers also record grant awards and serve as liaison with Grants and Contracts Administration in the creation of grant accounts when funding is received.

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences/Public Service Activities
College of Science: Biological Sciences, Genetics, & Biochemistry
Manager: Jessica Adkins, 864-656-1234

College of Education
Manager: Bobbi Curry, 864-656-2071                
College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities/Non-Academic Units
Manager:Diana Thrasher, 864-656-6444
College of Engineering, Computing & Applied Sciences
Manager: Dianne Myers, 864-656-5534  
College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
Manager: Bobbi Curry, 864-656-2071

College of Science: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematical Sciences
Manager: Dianne Myers, 864-656-5534 

College of Business
Manager: Karen Littleton, 864-656-0818
Clemson University – Greenville Hospital System
Manager: Hagan Walker, 864-455-9861.

OSP Central Office

Located on the third floor of Brackett Hall, the central office staff delivers grantsmanship education sessions, consults on career-stage issues, provides “research concierge” services, reviews and negotiates contracts, develops policies and procedures, manages OSP’s social media and publishes the weekly Research Roar newsletter.

Sheila T. Lischwe, Ph.D.
Administrative Coordinator:
Melanie Trotter, 864-656-1661

Communications Coordinator:
Clarissa Williams, 864-656-1440

Research Concierge/Feder Contracting:
Lynn Kunkle , 864-656-6201
Research Contracts Specialist:
Savanna Thompson, 864-656-1651
Proposal Development Team:
Team Leader:Jane Jacobi, 864-656-1296 
Program Manager: Sarah Jaeschke, 864-656-0260     

OSP Steering Committee and Central Office Staff

Steering Committee

Pictured from left to right - first row: Sheila Lischwe, Melanie Trotter, Diana Thrasher, Becca Hanus, Joanna Floyd. Second row: Dianne Myers, Bobbi Curry, Mandy Mccaslan, Karen Littleton, Jane Jacobi, Trisha Southergill, Lynn Kunkle, Sarah Jaeschke.  Not pictured: Hagan Walker.