Office of Research

InfoEd FAQs

What is InfoEd SMARTS?
InfoEd SMARTS is the link between your InfoEd PROFILE, keywords, and filtering criteria, and SPIN funding opportunities. You receive automatically generated SMARTS e-mails on a daily basis as funding opportunities become available which match your criteria. Each funding opportunity alert includes links to InfoEd’s detailed program summary and the sponsor’s website.

InfoEd is available to all Clemson University faculty, staff, and graduate research assistants who have a current Clemson University user ID & password if they are active in CUBS. To obtain access, contact Cris Boggs.

How Do I Login?
To log into InfoEd, go to , click “Login,” enter your Novell username and password, and hit “Enter.” Login from off-campus or non-Clemson computers will require a one-time download of Clemson'sVirtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN software is available at Contact your Clemson computer support personnel for compatibility questions and assistance.

How Do I Set Up My PROFILE?
The Quick Reference - SMARTS Profile Setup (pdf) will guide you through entering your own information so that you can begin receiving pertinent funding alert e-mails.

How Do I Search for Collaborators?
Follow the simple steps on the Quick Reference - Search for Collaborators (GENIUS) (pdf) to perform searches for potential collaborators at Clemson or other institutions available through InfoEd.

How Do I Search for Other Funding Opportunities?
The Quick Reference - Searching SPIN for Funding Opportunities (pdf) provides instructions to perform advanced searches for potential funding opportunities in the InfoEd database.

Who do I contact for training workshop opportunities?

Hands-on workshops, co-sponsored by the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, are also available. Contact CUOSP or go to and click on "Instructor Led Training Registration" in the left-hand column to register for upcoming training dates.

If you have additional questions about InfoEd’s modules or procedures, please contact Cris Boggs at (864) 656-0342.