Office of Research

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

Clemson University’s Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) requires an internal review and selection procedure for any funding opportunity that limits the number of pre-proposal or proposal submissions per organization.  The Associate Deans for Research (ADR) individually review and rank the pre-proposals and then meet to discuss all comments and rankings in order to select the proposal (or proposals, if more than one is allowed) that Clemson University will support going forward to the sponsor.  All lead Principal Investigators are notified by email whether or not their submission was selected.  In addition, the respective ADR will also provide written comments supporting the decision.

Internal pre-proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Fit with program objectives in agency solicitation,
  • Fit with agency’s primary thrust,
  • Fit with Clemson University’s emphasis areas,
  • Presentation of project (clear plan of action, summary of project, following internal guidelines, collaborators included, grammar…),
  • Current & pending support – plan for working on all projects awarded and pending,
  • Inclusion of total budget.

As limited submission funding opportunities are added to Clemson University’s Limited Submission database, an e-mail will be sent to notify faculty of internal pre-proposal deadlines. Internal pre-proposals must follow the VPR’s standard pre-proposal guidelines (pdf) unless otherwise stated in the “Submission Guidelines” on Clemson’s Limited Submission web site.

A list of upcoming limited and other internal funding opportunities is available to provide you with internal submission requirements, internal and sponsor deadlines, date of selection announcement, and links to upload your documents electronically. If you become aware of a funding opportunity with limited submission requirements that is not listed, please e-mail Mandy McCaslan immediately with the program title, due date and URL. Instructions for using the Limited Submission site to submit internal documents will guide you through the submission process.

Contact your ADR for technical questions concerning limited submissions, or e-mail Mandy McCaslan with pre-proposal guideline questions.

To locate potential faculty collaborators at Clemson for your project, use InfoEd’s GENIUS (pdf) search capabilities. This feature may also be used to search for collaborators worldwide at over 600 registered institutions. You can access the system by using your Novell user id and password. Contact Mandy McCaslan for assistance with creating or editing your profile, receiving funding alert e-mails, or searching for collaborators.