Office of Research

Sponsored Programs Certification

Clemson University has made important commitments to federal agencies regarding compliance with federal and institutional requirements in the conduct of sponsored-program activities. Accordingly, the University is implementing Sponsored Programs Certification to fulfill this commitment and to address ongoing requests from research faculty and staff for clarity regarding internal and external research-related regulations, responsibilities and policies.

Implementation of this program is critical to Clemson’s continued access to external funding from federal and private sources. The program is self-paced and broken down into separate modules, ranging from 8 to 20 minutes. Each module can be completed independently.

Proposals submitted without the required certification will be delayed until the certification process is completed.

Sponsored Programs Certification — A valid university ID and password will be required to access the program.

Sponsored Programs Certification List (xls)— List of users who have successfully completed Sponsored Programs Certification.

For technical assistance, please contact Daniel Harris or call 864-656-4488. For all other questions or suggestions, contact Mandy McCaslan or call 864-656-6182.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is required to take the certification program?
All PIs, co-investigators, and pre- and post-award grant coordinators involved with proposals or awarded projects.

Q: How can I check to see if my certification was complete?
Within 48 hours of successfully completing all modules and review questions, a notice will post under your profile’s certification tab in InfoEd. After login, click on Profile, Edit, then Certifications.

Q: What happens if I get interrupted while working through it? Do I have to start over?
The program is set up in seven modules, each approximately 15 minutes in length. You can complete the modules individually, or all at one time. If you do not finish a module, you can quit and come back at any time, scrolling through the slides until you get back to where you left off. If you did not complete the questions at the end of a module, you will have to resubmit your answers. The program will not retain previously submitted answers.

Q: Can I be "grandfathered" in? If I have been submitting proposals for years at Clemson, why do I need to go through this certification process?
No one can be "grandfathered" into the certification program. As a long-standing faculty or staff member with a great deal of sponsored activity experience, you will realize that the information provides a good refresher course. You will also find updates to policies and requirements.

Q: Do I have to be recertified?
Yes, you will have to be recertified every three years.

Q: Why should I have to go through the same course every three years?
The program will constantly be updated to reflect changes in internal procedures and federal and state laws.

Q: How will I know about procedural changes in the interim?
The Office of Sponsored Programs will continue to post news and updates on our Web site.