Office of Research

Proposal Processing and Approval Contacts

Proposals submitted by Clemson University applicants must be reviewed and signed by appropriate personnel in the department and college or administrative unit of each principal investigator (PI) and co-investigator, and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), prior to submission. Only persons authorized through the Vice President for Research can sign and submit proposals for Clemson University.

Departmental grant coordinators are available to provide PI’s with assistance in preparing forms, budget development, searching for potential collaborative partners, editing, routing and obtaining signatures on proposals, etc., depending on college or unit policies. Contact your grant coordinator early in the proposal process to determine internal procedures and for assistance. The lists below provide contact information of your grant coordinator and/or administrator and the required authorizations for proposal submission in OSP and each department and college. All awards are processed by the OSP grant administrators.   

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (CAFLS)

College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities (AAH)

College of Business & Behavioral Science (CBBS)

College of Engineering & Sciences (CoES)

College of Health, Education & Human Development (HEHD)

Vice President of Public Service Activities (PSA)