Follow the Geese


Current Locations of Satellite-tagged Geese

In previous years, we caught and transmittered three migrant geese:

Goose 79699 was captured at Santee on 2/14/08. This bird then went to the breeding grounds in the spring. However, this bird went to the breeding grounds associated with the Atlantic Population of geese, suggesting that it is not and SJBP goose. During the following fall, this bird moved south to Maryland. On 12/11/08 we lost contact with this transmitter.

Goose 79700 was also captured on 2/14/08. This bird then went north to a stopover site in Quebec before transmission stopped on 4/17/08.

Goose 83186 was captured on 11/27/08. This bird left Santee on March 7, 2009 and headed north, stopping in Maryland. This bird has remained in Maryland all summer. Upon capture the bird was weighed and measured, and determined to be a migrant bird, however, it did not return to a Canadian breeding ground. This bird may be a resident bird from Maryland that came to Santee to winter, or it may be a migrant bird that for some reason did not return to the breeding grounds. We lost contact with this bird on 1/7/10.

During the 2009-2010 field season, eight more birds were fitted with transmitters. All of these birds spent the winter at Santee NWR. These birds left Santee NWR on 3/8/10. Three of the eight transmitters are still working. On May 20, 2010, the remaining five birds reached the breeding grounds in Canada.

The maps below show the large- scale movement of our birds. Locations updated on August 18, 2010.