Santee National Wildlife Refuge and It's Geese


Santee NWR was established in 1941, and is located on the north shore of Lake Marion in Summerton, South Carolina. The refuge encompasses 15,095 acres and includes four refuge units; Bluff Unit, Dingle Pond Unit, Pine Island Unit, and Cuddo Unit. This area provides habitat and resources for wintering waterfowl and is also a nesting and stop-over site for neo-tropical migratory birds. For more information about the refuge, please visit

In order to determine which habitats are important to wintering SJBP geese, researchers plan to trap geese and fit them with radio-telemetry backpack units. The movements of these birds will then be tracked throughout the winter so that key habitat areas are identified. Evidence suggests that SJBP geese feed and loaf on private lands adjacent to the refuge that are targeted for development. Researchers hope to assess the potential impact of these land use changes on wintering SJBP geese.