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ScienceForward, aligned with ClemsonForward, will act as a roadmap to guide our strategic priorities and hold us accountable to our aspirations. We will focus on academic, faculty and inclusive excellence, seeking high impact and transformational experiences.

The ScienceForward team was built to reflect the unique perspectives and experiences of the College of Science itself. They are charged with collecting insights and channeling our talents into a plan that will enhance our ability to understand the natural world. Opportunities will be made available for students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their thoughts and to stay engaged throughout the process.

It is an exciting time to be at Clemson as we collectively advance ScienceForward!

ScienceForward schedule

The College of Science has a unique and special responsibility of being at the foundation of general education. We strive to celebrate our impact and history, while casting our vision forward to a future of discovery, learning, and engagement. Now is the time for SCIENCE. Download our ScienceForward infographic PDF

Nov. 8

LISTENING SESSION AND UNIQUE TO SCIENCE DISCUSSION: Where should we be going as a college? Why is that important?

Nov. 16

PRINCIPLES AND PILLARS — SCIENCEFORWARD TEAM: After the Listening Session, the team met to discuss their findings and craft ScienceForward with these questions in mind: What are our core principles and values? What are three pillars of excellence (two existing, one new)?

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: The Team broke into three groups to dive deeper into our Principles and Pillars with a focused lens of Discovery, Learning and Engagement.

ScienceForward artwork, Discovery, Learning, Engagement and Integrate.

Dec. 6

INTEGRATE: The co-leads of the Discovery, Learning and Engagement groups integrate their work into goals and a plan.

    • Dec. 13: The document is distributed to ScienceForward team.

Dec. 16

The Plan is distributed to the college for feedback.

January 2018

A separate implementation team takes ScienceForward and puts it into action. 


Thank you to everyone who attended the ScienceForward Listening Session on Nov. 8! We had close to 100 people participate, including faculty, staff and students from all five departments. Your thoughts and comments will be used to build the framework of the College for the next five to 10 years. At the close of the listening session, we revisited two questions that were asked earlier in the afternoon: 

        1. In one word, describe the College of Science.
        2. In one word, who do we, as a college, aspire to be? 

We took the responses to the questions and created a word cloud to display common threads throughout the session. If you have any questions, comments, or are looking for ways to contribute to ScienceForward, please email us at

Word Cloud of words describing the College of Science
Word Cloud of words describing the College of Science's aspirations.



Name Organization Position
Lisa Bain Clemson Professor of Biological Sciences
John Ballato Clemson Endowed Chair, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Ellen Breazel Clemson Senior Lecturer of Mathematical Sciences
Sean Brittain Clemson Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Tia Dumas Clemson Assistant Dean – Graduate School
Leland Dunwoodie Clemson Senior Biochemistry Major
Stephanie Evans Clemson Director of Student Services – Science
David Feliciano Clemson Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Julia Frugoli Clemson Alumni Professor of Genetics and Biochemistry
Andrea Gaertner Clemson Doctoral Student in Chemistry
Carlos Garcia Clemson Professor of Chemistry
Sloane Henningsen Clemson Special Assistant to the Dean for Communications & Marketing – Science
Taufiquar Khan Clemson Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Amy Lawton-Rauh Clemson Professor of Genetics and Biochemistry
Matthew Macauley Clemson Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Trudy Mackay N.C. State William Neal Reynolds and Distinguished University Professor of Genetics *
Jennifer Mihalik Oconee Memorial Hospital General Surgeon
Dylan Morris Michelin Materials Performance Research Manager
Willie Pearson Georgia Tech Professor of History and Sociology
Hugo Sanabria Clemson Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Brenda Thames Greenville Health System Vice President of Academic and Faculty Affairs
Julie Tovey Clemson Director of Development – Science
Bridget Trogden Clemson Associate Dean – Undergraduate Studies
Calvin Williams Clemson Professor of Mathematical Sciences

* Recently named Director for Clemson’s Center for Human Genetics

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College of Science
112 Long Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: 864-656-3015

Download our infographic

Click on the image below to view and download the ScienceForward infographic PDF file.

ScienceForward timeline