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Scientific Illustrations



Journal cover illustrations

The communications and marketing department would like to make all faculty aware that a company called Ella Maru Studio is now an approved vendor in our BuyWays procurement system. According to its website, Ella Maru Studio combines Ph.D.-level scientific knowledge with professional art design to produce scientific images and animations for articles, proposals and books. Its images have been featured on more than 100 covers of high-impact scientific magazines.

If you are interested in acquiring an illustrated cover image or other images for your journal article, Ella Maru Studio is one of your options and has been recommended by previous clients. However, keep in mind that this is just one of many options. You remain free, of course, to use any vendor you choose.

Ella Maru is a fee-based studio. You submit a proposal, receive an estimate, and then decide whether you wish to employ the studio’s services. Jim Melvin and Pete Martin of the communications and marketing department are available to lend assistance during this process, if needed.

Each project is different, but an estimated price range for a cover illustration would range from $750 to $1,000-plus, depending on complexity and time restraints. Keep in mind that Ella Maru Studio is an independent company with no financial ties to Clemson University. Please also note that the image on this page is a generic example of an illustration, and was not created by Ella Maru Studio. 

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