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The faculty, students and staff of the College of Science are passionate to generate new knowledge through their research and to share their knowledge and expertise with the broader public. Below, we list the many programs and hands-on activities that we provide to school age children, undergraduates and the general public. The programs are organized by interest or department.

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Clemson University Planetarium
Contact: 864-656-3416

Description: The Clemson University Planetarium is hosted by the department of physics and astronomy. The public is welcome to attend 45-minute shows one night per week and groups can schedule private shows.

Bob Campbell Geology Museum

Description: The museum houses a collection of more than 10,000 minerals, rocks and fossils, including meteorites.

Chemistry Tours
Contact: Kristine Coleman 

Description: These tours of chemistry labs are offered four times each during the fall and spring semesters. The tours are designed for high school students who are considering attending Clemson. 

Clemson Chemistry Connection for Homeschoolers
Contact: Daniel Whitehead

Description: This is an outreach effort geared toward providing laboratory experiences for homeschool science students. More information can be found in this article.

Chemistry Graduate Student Organization
Contact: General Email

Description: The Chemistry Graduate Student Organization introduces K-12 students to fundamental principals of chemistry through spectacular, age-appropriate demonstrations and hands-on activities in schools or at hosted events.

Clemson Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society
Contact: General Email

Description: The Clemson Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) visits local schools and public libraries in order to give children opportunities to do hands-on science experiments and discuss what being a chemist is like. Activites offered include making gummy worms, lava lamps and slime.

Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center
Contact: Katherine Freeman

Description: The Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center offers a number of outreach programs, including lab field trips in biotechnology and genetics for fifth- 12th-grade student groups or community groups; summer science camps for rising fifth- to 12th-graders; Science on Tap, free, informal and informative science discussions for the general public in Pendleton and Greenville; science activities in after-school programs in Title I elementary schools; and science outreach at public festivals and school science days.

Bob and Betsy Campbell Museum of Natural History
Contact: Melissa Fuentes

Description: The Bob and Betsy Campbell Museum of Natural History contains over 20,000 mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish specimens, as well as a plethora of taxidermy mounts and articulated skeletons. The museum also houses an herbarium that has one of the largest plant collections in the state. Driven by a passion to engage and educate the community, the museum offers personalized, behind-the-scenes guided tours in addition to off-campus outreach activities designed to instill a sense of respect and understanding of the natural world.

Biology Merit Exam
Contact: Ginger Foulk

Description: This annual event, sponsored by the department of biological sciences, brings in more than 500 middle and high school children to campus for one day to take a themed, comprehensive biology exam and to experience a wide range of hands-on science activities.

USA Biology Olympiad
Contacts: Catalina Marinescu and Jason Brown

Description: The USA Biology Olympiad is the premiere national biology competition for high school students in the United States. The exam provides motivation, curricular resources and skills training for students beyond their classroom experience. Registration information and additional details can be found on the Clemson University USA Biology Olympiad webpage.

Clemson TriBeta Chapter
Contact: Tamara McNutt-Scott

Description: This local chapter of this national biology honor society holds occasional science outreach events on Saturdays for elementary school-age children.

Genetics Counseling for Dog Breeders
Contact: Leigh Anne Clark

Description: Associate professor Leigh Anne Clark gives genetics counseling to dog breeders and owners, and presents lectures at dog shows and breeder/veterinarian continuing education seminars.

Science Careers Talk
Contacts: Allison Starr MossJoey Thames and Michael Sehorn

Description: Allison Starr Moss, Joey Thames and Michael Sehorn give talks at local schools about science careers and college.

Clemson Light Imaging Facility
Contacts: Rhonda Reigers Powell

Description: The Clemson Light Imaging Facility hosts an annual Micrograph contest that is open to the public to celebrate the importance of light microscopy in art and science. The imaging facility also offer tours. Find out more on Facebook or the facility’s blog website.

AP Statistics Practice Exam
Contact: Christy Brown

Description: An AP statistics practice exam is organized each May. Past events have attracted as many as 250 students.

Clemson Calculus Challenge
Contact: Jim Coykendall or Timothy Parrott

Description: This one-day contest held each April for high school students is designed to test students’ knowledge of topics like those found on the AP calculus AB syllabus.

Math Sciences Problem of the Week — POW
Contact: Meredith Burr

Description: POW is a math contest that runs throughout the semester. Clemson students are the intended audience, but the problems are free to all. Additional information and an archive of old POWs can be found on the organization’s website.

Math Kangaroo
Contacts: Catalina Marinescu and Jason Brown

Description: Math Kangaroo is an international competition that encourages students in first-12th grades to learn math by presenting them with interesting and thought-provoking problems. Math Kangaroo takes place yearly on the third Thursday in March.

American Mathematics Contests
Contacts: Catalina Marinescu and Jason Brown

Description: The Mathematical Association of America hosts a series of national contests each year to challenge and strengthen the mathematical skills of the country’s youth. More than 350,000 students take the tests each year, which are filled with questions designed to make them think and are sure to leave them talking! Clemson’s department of physics and astronomy proctors the tests on campus. American Mathematics Contest 8 is for students in grades six–eight and is held in November. For more information and to register, visit this websiteAmerican Mathematics Contest 10 is a 75-minute exam that can be understood and solved using algebra and geometry concepts, while the American Mathematics Contest 12 contains problems that can be understood and solved using pre-calculus concepts. The exams are held each February and open to students in high school or younger. For more information and to register, visit this website

Nuclear Physics Blog
Contact: Bradley Meyer

Description: The Nuclear Physics Blog describes how to use the department of physics and astronomy’s open-source codes to study element formation in stars. The blog is periodically updated.

U.S. Physics Team Exams
Contacts: Catalina Marinescu and Jason Brown

Description: The first exam, the F=ma exam, is a 75-minute, multiple-choice exam that can be solved without calculus. The top 300–400 students based on the F=ma exam will be invited to take the United States National Physics Olympiad exam.



For more information about these programs, please reach out to the specific contacts for each program. For general inquiries, contact:

College of Science
118 Long Hall
Clemson, SC 29634




The College of Science is committed to the University’s land-grant legacy of serving South Carolinians and using our expertise to promote the public good. In our outreach we focus on cultivating and advancing scientific literacy in all citizens — children, senior citizens, novices, students, teachers and the general public.