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Hybrid Clean Coal Combustion System

Project Overview

SCIES was instrumental in the cooperative agreements that established the demonstration for the Hybrid Clean Coal Combustion System located at Clemson's Central Energy Facility.

The technology of interest was the Pulsed Atmospheric Fluidized
Bed Combustor (PAFBC) developed by Manufacturing and
Technology Conversion International, Inc. (MTCI) and marketed
by ThermoChem, Inc., both located in Baltimore, MD. The PAFBC combines the performance of a pulse combustor operating on fine coal with an atomspheric fluidized bed operating on coarse coal. ThermoChem, Inc. provided the design and construction of the PAFBC unit and Clemson provided the site and associated laboratory research.

The PAFBC, at maximum capacity, was sized to produce 50,000 pounds of saturated steam per hour for use in the Clemson University steam distribution system.

Clean Coal Combustion

The Pulsed Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustor (PAFBC) is a bubbling fluidized bed coal combustor combined with a
pulse combustor. Fluidized bed combustors allow the use of high sulfur coal, performing extremely well environmentally
with particularly low NOx and SOx emissions, however, they have the disadvantage of requiring coarse coal with no fines. Adding the pulse combustor to the fluidized bed allows the use of very fine coal. The pulsing stabilizes the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic characteristics while minimizing particulate carry over.

The pulse combustor is a combustion chamber with no moving parts operating on either gas or fine coal. The chamber and exit tube are designed in a manner which results in a self sustaining, periodic combustion process. The frequency of
the resonance varies with chamber size and exit tube length. The exit tube of the pulse combustor is immersed in the
fluidized bed. The raw coal is pneumatically separated with the coal fines carried to the pulse combustor and the coarse
coal to the fluidized bed combustor via a screw feeder.

Project Participants

South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory
Clemson University Central Energy Facility

For more information contact:

Robert Leitner, SCIES Director

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