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Welcome to the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies The South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies at Clemson University was founded by the State Legislature in 1982 to help South Carolina and the nation address energy related issues.

Hydrogen Storage

SCIES was recently awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to explore new transportation technologies and new approaches to more rapidly bring them to market. Under this grant, SCIES is focusing on opportunities to more rapidly transition the US to hydrogen as our transportation fuel.  Hydrogen shows promise as a clean fuel that can be produced from a variety of domestic renewable resources. However, the substantial costs of a hydrogen distribution and fueling infrastructure, coupled with the high cost and difficulty of storing adequate hydrogen on-board a vehicle, currently make the transition to hydrogen fuel undesirable.

SCIES assessed a variety of promising hydrogen storage and power generation technologies for their potential to solve both the distribution and fueling infrastructure issues and the on-board storage issues.

Some of the most promising technologies identified were organic liquid hydrogen carriers that can be transported and dispensed like today's petroleum based fuels, using much of the existing distribution and fueling infrastructure, thereby reducing the cost of new infrastructure to a fraction of high pressure gaseous or cryogenic liquid alternatives. In addition, they have the potential to meet the cost and performance goals established by the DOE hydrogen program for on-vehicle storage .  SCIES is working to demonstrate this promising technology in a small vehicle application. 

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