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Welcome to the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies The South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies at Clemson University was founded by the State Legislature in 1982 to help South Carolina and the nation address energy related issues.

Offshore Wind Feasibility Study

Project Overview

While South Carolina does not possess any “conventional” energy resources (coal, oil, natural gas, or uranium), it does have plentiful supplies of renewable energy in the form of biomass onshore and wind offshore. Data from the Department of Energy indicates that South Carolina's offshore wind resources have the potential to produce over twice the amount of electricity that we consume today.

This 18 month study assessed the feasibility of utility scale electricity production from winds offshore of South Carolina's Horry and Georgetown Counties. The main objectives of the study were to identify:

•  The adequacy of the wind resources
•  Environmental benefits and impacts
•  The state of the art in offshore wind technologies
•  The cost of constructing and operating an offshore wind facility
•  Siting issues and constraints
•  Public policy impacts and trends
•  The regulatory process for permitting an offshore wind facility
•  Stakeholders and a strategy for their involvement
•  Economic Impacts

The study found that adequate wind resources do exist close to shore and in areas with reasonable water depths. Issues related to existing offshore wind technologies, siting, regulatory processes, and cost were identified, along with potential beneficial economic impacts. This study formed the foundation for South Carolina's continuing efforts to introduce wind power into the state.

Project Participants

South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
Santee Cooper
Coastal Carolina University

For more information contact:

Robert Leitner, SCIES Director


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